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Endo·dna Collection Kit and Endo·Decoded Report

CDN $265.00

The most comprehensive, scientifically valid DNA test for endo·compatibility available.

The perfect solution for anyone who has NEVER received a DNA analysis from 23andMe, Ancestry DNA or another consumer DNA company.

Discover your optimal CBD and cannabinoid products based on your own DNA.

Endo·Decoded Report

Upload Raw 23andMe or Ancestry DNA Data

CDN $67.00

Your DNA is smart about cannabis and CBD.

The perfect solution for anyone who has already take a genetic test from another service like 23andMe or Ancestry DNA. Upload your existing raw data for endo·compatibility analysis and your personalized Endo·Decoded report.

The most comprehensive, scientifically valid DNA test for endo·compatibility available. Discover your optimal CBD and cannabis products based on your own DNA.

What your DNA can tell you about you and using CBD and cannabis for health and wellness.

Stress and anxiousness

Susceptibility to feelings of stress or anxiousness.

How your genetics affect specific areas of the brain that may trigger stress or anxiousness.

Which cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles may lessen or avoid feelings of stress or anxiousness.


Your pain sensitivity levels.

Propensity to experience side-effects from opioids.

The specific CBD:THC ratios which are better suited for pain management.


Could cannabis use interfere with the quality of your sleep.

What your genetics imply about your stages of sleep.


Your metabolic response to orally ingested THC.

How well your body metabolizes THC. Genetic propensity to higher levels of THC inyour blood.

Methods of cannabinoid administration thatmay support your overall health goals.


Risks of dependency for your specific genetic profile.

The latest research on dependency and your genetic profile.

Low risk alternatives to discuss with your physician.

Cognitive Function

The relationship between genetics and memory impairment.

Your specific ability to sustain attention and retain stimuli after consuming THC.

Cannabinoids to avoid when cognitive function is an issue.

Mood Disturbancesand Feelings of Depression

Your genetics and your overall happiness.

The current science on feelings of depression and your unique genetic profile.

The link between chronic pain and feelings of depression. Cannabinoids that may support elevated mood.


Your relative risk of psychosis when consuming THC.

Suggestions for alternative forms of THC and specific formulations if risks are present.

Direction to consult with healthcare professions if significant risks are present.

Endo·dna is more control, fewer risks.

  • Your data is secure and safe on Amazon’s AWS servers. You control it, you own it.
  • A secure and private personal health portal that abides by the HIPAA regulations and guidelines for data privacy and security to safeguard medical information.
  • We help you uncover which cannabinoid formulations work best for you.
  • Alert you to possible adverse reactions.
  • Provide information to eliminate the possibility of drug-to-drug interactions.
  • Deliver suggestions to optimize your dosing and cannabinoid ratios for the best possible health outcome.
  • Promise lifetime updates as science and research discovers more about the endocannabinoid system, cannabinoid genomics and how they impact your health.

Information you need to know.

Endocanna Health, Inc. does not provide medical services. Endocanna Health’s reports are not to be considered or construed to be medical advice. The information contained in Endocanna Health’s reports is not intended to be substituted for the advice or consultation of a medical professional. Endocanna Health’s reports include cannabinoid compound suggestions based on your DNA and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis, or consultation. Endocanna Health does not take responsibility for any side effects or medical issues that may arise from your use or consumption of the suggested cannabinoid compounds. Endocanna Health recommends consulting with a medical professional before use of any suggested cannabinoid compounds. Use of Endocanna Health’s DNA kit or information from Endocanna Health’s reports is not to be considered a medical treatment or a substitute for any treatment from a licensed health care provider. Endocanna Health makes no guarantees regarding your personal health, implied or otherwise, based on the results provided by Endocanna Health’s report.